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Tailored-made Oddoo ERP Solutions - Our Team customize to provide efficient Odoo ERP to solve your specific business challenges, regardless of whether it is Finance, Purchases, Sales or other enterprises' needs.
Consulting & Strategy

Consulting & Strategy

SotaTek provides comprehensive end-to-end Open ERP/Odoo services, which include all procedures from consulting to implementing the systems, as well as training and support. Our team of Odoo experts work closely with the clients to identify organizations' specific ERP needs and provide detailed guidance and IT roadmap to suit different requirements.


Our professional team of experienced Odoo consultants and technical developers guarantee high-quality services for all clients. With decades of exhaustive experiences in Software Development across industries, we are confident in our fictionless implementation process and satisfactory end products.
Operate & Sustain

Operate & Sustain

Understanding the possible difficulties of getting familiar with Odoo Systems in the beginning, we provide our customers, including both businesses and functional users, with detailed technical support programs, equipping them with fundamental knowledge. We are also always available for troubleshooting & assisting our clients with issues related the the systems.

Custom - tailored Odoo ERP solutions

Odoo ERP Help Businesses Solving Operational Challenges
Sota Tek's Odoo Services - the multi-purpose suite of open source apps, satisfying various business' needs and customized for your own compan

Odoo ERP Implementation - automate and improve several internal business processes for optimal level of efficiency

Why Choose Odoo Opensource ERP?

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Promote Your Businesses with Odoo ERP

Open-Source: Odoo ERP is open-sourced with a strong community of developers, and can be implemented quickly with many modules.
Flexibility: Odoo ERP is functional and highly flexible, which can be seamlessly integrated wi th a wide range of 3rd-party apps, depending on your specific requirements. Moreover, additional features can also be easily deployed.
Cost-Efficient: Odoo ERP requires lower investments, compared to other ERP alternatives, while being highly functional and comprehensive, providing an extremely cost-effective platform for all businesses.
Exhaustive: Odoo offers an All-in One ERP Solution, suitable for projects across various departments, either with simple or complicated requirements.
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Extensive Training Services

The overall success for the implementation of a new ERP solutions not only depend on the technical execution but also hinge on users’ adoption.

At SotaTek, we understand the importance of training and support for new users to increase users’ adoption and ensure long-lasting ERP success. Thus, we offer training programs designed specifically for employees according to their function unit designation, across your organization.