Global Software Development Services

Sota Tek has quickly become one of the leading IT Outsourcing and Software Development Agency in both Vietnam and APAC region as a whole.

We deliver full-cycle services that cover all aspects of Software Engineering, from Web App and Mobile App development to Software Testing and Quality Assurance.

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Web App Development

Sota Tek has been proud to be one of the leading IT Outsourcing Services in Vietnam, with Web Application as one of our expertise. Combining adept professional knowledge with diverse experience, gained from our past projects with global clients, we offer the most advanced Web Applications for your businesses.
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Mobile App Development

As we see the staggering increase in mobile phones usage, efficient and suitable Mobile App would greatly benefit your company. If you are looking to develop a Mobile Application, which would improve internal operation while reach more customers for your enterprises, Sota Tek's dream team of Experts are ready to find the answer for you!
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QA and Testing

Technological Errors are costly and troublesome, especially when it comes to corporate levels. Sota Tek's top-notch Software Testing Services, would significantly lower your future maintenance expenses, by advanced and detailed testing, assuring the best experiences for both your customers and related stakeholders.

Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Product/Application Testing

Security & Performance Testing

Mobile & Clould Testing

QA Strategy & Consulting

Test Automation

What we offer

We offer blockchain development services that allows customers to leverage cloud-based solutions to build, host and use their own blockchain apps, smart contracts and functions:

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Sota Tek offers the most secured and efficient Cryptocurrency exchange platform for a wide variety of currencies.With our software, you can make untracable, secured trades with any chosen currency on the system. Our cryptocurrency exchange system is currently offering all types of diverse digital currencies to serve your needs

Cryptocurrency Mining

We leverage both high-tech softwares and hardwares to facilitate an autonomated process assisting you in mining different crypto coins for your own wallet,based on your personal requirements

Blockchain development

Blockchain Technology has much more to offer rather than just cryptocurrencies. . Our adept blockchain developers provides your companies with a wide range of blockchain, decentralized solutions to transform your businesses


Being a leading agency in cryptocurrency creation service in the region. Our innovative and cutting-edge development technologies are combined to construct secured and independent digital currencies, tailored to your purposes. With our reputational expertise and advanced tools, we are confident to give you the power to stay ahead of the digital coin race.

ICO Development

Sota Tek offers tailor-made ICO development package, from design to launch, within just 3 weeks. Our technologies and experiences ensure the most advanced and stable ICO development solotions to match your specific requirements.

Wallet Development

Digital Wallet is not only a market's trend, but also the society's future of payment. Sota Tek's innovative digital wallet enables both personal and commercial online transactions , made available for multiple connected devices, including IOS and Android-based appliances. Together with top effiecient payment technology, all your information and assets are also fully protected with our E Wallet development services
Blockchain Features

Decentrialization and blockchain have been the trends across various industries in recent years, thanks to its outstanding features :

Blockchain records are incorruptible thanks to advanced cryptography. Agreements can’t be tampered with and transactions can’t be altered. When combined with encryption and access management, the blockchain can be securely stored and update large amounts of data.
Since data is shared across the entire network, by definition it is easily available to every computer on the network. This enables quick detection of weak points and traceability in the supply chain, payments, and other business processes.
Blockchain removes the risks associated with central data storage. There is no control by any single entity. The peer-to-peer network manages all transactions. As a result, the blockchain has no single point of failure.
The blockchain directly processes transactions between parties without intermediaries. Blockchain transactions confirm more quickly than conventional bank transactions. In addition, smart contracts can automatically trigger actions on the blockchain, automating a significant amount of administrative work.
Our Blockchain Tech Expertise
Blockchain in use

BlockChain Technology's influence has taken industries by storm, from the most traditional areas such as healthcare and finance, to the new-born advanced applications.

Banking & Finance

Automobile & Transportation





Real Estate




We are proud to work with top researchers and developers in the booming Blockchain field
AI and Machine Learning

We offer academic level advanced solutions combining image recognition and artificial intelligence.

Face authentication system

Facial Recognition System, also known as Biometric Artificial Intelligence-based application, enables the identification and verification of an individual, based on a digital image or footage. Our advanced technology and optimized database allows the most accurate authencitication

Images Annotation Tool

Image Annotation is an intensive process of defining regions in an image and provide textual description for such region, with an aim to segment the image for part, or better whole-image understanding. This application demands significant amount of data and machine learning to achieve desired outcome. Sota Tek provides advanced graphical image annotation tools for labelling objects bounding boxes in image.

Human Behavior Recognition

Surveillance system of the future does not only need to recognize people, but also to understand human behaviours, to better serve tracking and and security purposes. At Sota Tek, we utilize evolutionary techniques to measure observation similiarity, based on color features, distance features as well as count features, providing you with efficient and robust tracking algorithms.

Vehicles Recognition

We develop tracking systems , which are based on advanced AI and deep learning technologies , enabling the accurate detection of vehicles' number plates from videos, even when the vehicles are passing at high speed. The system would then convert the recorded letters and numbers into character data for the highest rate of accurate recognition.

Streaming solutions

We provide cloud-based streaming solutions with high-scalability infrastructure such as: video call, voice call, live streaming, camera streaming.


Sota Tek's constantly updated technologies offer you with top WebRTC Stream Broadcasting Applications, for both one-to-many video conferences and VOD/ LIVE distribution services

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